Marine operations company, specialising in marine renewables

Green Marine are a leading provider of specialist vessel and engineering services. They are an award winning marine contractor within the renewables sector. The company has contributed to some of the world’s leading wave and tidal projects.

Green Marine has expert knowledge of the European Marine Energy Centre’s wave and tidal test sites around the Orkney Islands, with more heavy lift installation and decommissioning experience than any other marine contractor on these sites.

Many of Green Marine’s previous operations have involved use of several workboats, heavy lift barges, flat top barges, cable jointing teams, onshore electrical contractors, remote operated vehicles, survey teams and onshore craneage.

Discover a blog article by Green Marine explaining more about their role in the WEDUSEA project here.

Role in the WEDUSEA Project

  • Lead on Offshore Operations Planning
  • Lead on Umbilical Design
  • Lead on Offshore Operations and Maintenance
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