Reducing the environmental impact of marine operations within the WEDUSEA project


Green Marine

by Tamara Schofield, Marketing Officer, Green Marine

Green Marine is a pioneering company at the forefront of sustainable marine solutions. We are excited and proud to be a part of the WEDUSEA consortium and are committed to providing an efficient service for this project.

Based within the hub of marines renewables in Orkney, multi-international award-winning company Green Marine was founded in 2012. The company is delighted to offer our wide range of innovative services and technologies designed to reduce the environmental impact of marine operations within the WEDUSEA project.

Green Marine plays a pivotal role in helping to achieve net zero by actively promoting and implementing sustainable practices within the marine renewables industry. As a company, we focus on developing and installing innovative technologies and solutions to reduce carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency in marine operations.

Green Marine has developed from providing vessel charters to carrying out full Engineering Procurement and Construction(EPC) contracts, carrying out offshore operations globally with recent projects in Japan and Canada. Hosting an impressive range of versatile vessels, naval architects, engineers and highly skilled offshore teams with the expertise and experience to deliver a range of services to the marine industry, Green Marine has been the marine operator of choice for many of the large International Offshore Wind, Wave and Tidal developers.

Our role in the WEDUSEA project

Green Marine plays a pivotal role in the project through the safe installation of the world’s largest floating wave energy device, OceanEnergy’s OE35 device at EMEC’s grid-connected Billia Croo wave test site in Orkney, Scotland.

As the installation contractor, Green Marine are responsible for the coordination and execution of all marine operations on the EMEC test site. This encompasses a range of activities related to the deployment and installation of devices and associated infrastructure.

Green Marine will be managing the installation of cables required for the project, ensuring proper connections and reliable power transmission between the device and the onshore grid infrastructure. Green Marine will also be carrying out the installation of the mooring system that secures the device to the seabed. This includes selecting suitable mooring configurations, deploying anchor systems, and ensuring proper positioning and tensioning of the mooring lines.

Green Marine will also be responsible for safely towing the device from Orkney to the EMEC test site. Once on-site Green Marine will be responsible for the connection (hook-up) of the device to the mooring systems, ensuring a secure and reliable attachment.

In addition to the installation, Green Marine will also undertake the important task of removing the device (End of Life) from the EMEC test site at the end of its operational lifespan. This will involve the careful disconnection from the mooring & electrical systems and the safe retrieval of the device from the marine environment.

Green Marine has the responsibility of managing all marine HSE aspects during the project. This includes developing and implementing robust HSE procedures, conducting risk assessments, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and industry standards. As a company, Green Marine will take the lead in maintaining a safe offshore working environment for all personnel involved in the project.

Lastly, Green Marine will provide valuable input during the design phase of the device and assist with component selection. The company’s expertise in offshore installation and removal operations allows us to contribute insights into the design considerations necessary for efficient and effective deployment and retrieval of the device.

By fulfilling these key responsibilities, Green Marine will contribute to the overall success of the WEDUSEA project, facilitating the deployment, operation, and eventual removal of the device while prioritising safety, efficiency, and environmental considerations.

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